1. A unique and natural place to grow.
  2. A vibrant community to Explore ... and play
  3. Learning and fun that lasts all year ... to prepare for the future.

Welcome to 2015-2016 at WMCC

There are many reasons to choose WMCC for your child’s first school experience. Location, program, experience with nature, our staff, the food, and the view. Celebrating over 40 years of childcare is proof that we have something special to offer.

We are happy to say that this Fall is turning out to be “splendiferous” with lots of sunny days and not too cold yet.  The children are able to experience the gradual changes Nature has to offer as we move closer to a Winter Wonderland!

Book a school visit or come to an open house

A busy Fall is upon us and one of our maxims at WMCC is that we create experience that lasts a lifetime. Come and see for yourself. You can book a tour or come for our three open houses

A Visit:  If you would like to book a school visit please call us at (416)203-1017 or click here to send an email request.  There is nothing like a journey to the island to see what it will be like and yes we enjoy meeting your child. The best time to visit is in the morning so you can see the routine that the children experience each day.
A visit is the requirement to be on our waiting list.

Open House Dates in Spring 2016:   To Be Determined

Our open houses are a good way for the whole family to visit the Island. We give tours of the classrooms and you can ask us anything that you like about our program, daily schedule, menu, policies, and philosophy. We love to talk about what we do. click here for more info about our program


Fall 2015 Registration forms available now

Information about our fees and the registration process is available by clicking here
Spots are being offered to our current parents and our waiting list first and then after April 1st we are accepting all applications on a first come first served basis.
To enroll all you have to do is fill out the forms and write those post dated checks!

WMCC’s Arts and Nature camp:

WMCC 2016 Camp registration form will be posted in early January 2016.
Inside every snow suit is an invincible summer camper…………